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October 4, 2018
Alan Shapiro: Alan, who turns 94 this month, was only 19 when he completed his first mission piloting a C-47 transport plane in Europe! Shapiro also flew the P-40 “Warhawk” fighter and the Waco CG-4A glider. By the end of 1944 Alan was flying supplies, including gas, ammunition, and even howitzers, to Patton’s units on the ground, including support for Patton’s forces during the Battle of the Bulge. Occasionally his C-47 crew was even tasked with flying German POWs back from the front. Alan continued his love of flying after the war, buying several aircraft for his own use. Following his military service, Alan graduated from college and went to work for an ad agency, eventually leaving it to establish his own company which he has directed successfully for sixty years. It is an amazing story; we invite you to join us to hear it October 4th.
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