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May 2, 2019
Professor Steven Sidebotham- Dr. Sidebotham, a professor of history at the University of Delaware, has interviewed 325 WWII combat veterans, both men and women, including partisan and resistance forces.
His presentation, “Voices From The Front,” features a talk and also five video clips, including one of a Waffen SS soldier. Steven is also a scholar of ancient Greek and Roman history and economics, and is a classical archeologist, working on digs in Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and India. This should be an amazing Roundtable evening. Come join us!

As always our meetings are open to all free of charge. Except for a small amount to cover expenses, the funds raised through book sales, and the free-will offering taken at the end of the meeting, are donated to charities selected by the Board of Directors. Check out the organizations that we, and you, support by viewing the “Charitable Contributions” page on this website.

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