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Please Note- Due to the 4th of July holiday there will be no July Roundtable meeting.
August 1, 2019
Linda Schwab- Linda was born in 1935 in Vilna, Poland. Following the German invasion of Russia, her family was forcibly removed from their home and sent to a Jewish ghetto. While most Jewish families were then transported to death camps in Poland, Linda’s family was able to escape this fate. Hiding in the woods, they evaded capture for the duration of the war, often forced to live in an underground shelter, all the while struggling for food and other necessities. After the war her family was able to emigrate to the United States. We think you would agree that this is an amazing testament to courage and the human will to survive. Come join us in August as Linda shares her story with us.

As always our meetings are open to all free of charge. Except for a small amount to cover expenses, the funds raised through book sales, and the free-will offering taken at the end of the meeting, are donated to charities selected by the Board of Directors. Check out the organizations that we, and you, support by viewing the “Charitable Contributions” page on this website.

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