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December 6, 2018
Henry “Hank” Heim- Imagine this… you are only 20 years old, you’re far from home, stationed as a machine gunner with your unit at Hickam Field, Hawaii. It’s a calm Sunday morning when much to your astonishment bullets and bombs suddenly break the silence, reigning down near you. Not quite knowing what to do, you decide to make a mad dash to a parked bomber where you open fire on your new enemy, the empire of Japan. This is not some fictional story but the true-life experience of Hank’s introduction to WWII. As the war progressed, Hank was able to obtain his goal of becoming a pilot, flying 25 missions over enemy territory in Italy and Germany. Amazingly, Heim went on to fly an almost unheard of 126 missions in WWII and the Korean War! Truly amazing: don’t miss hearing this WWII and Korean War hero at our December meeting.

Please join us November 1 for a recounting of Alan’s WWII experiences.
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