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September 6, 2018
Yoneichi “Bill” Uyeda: Bill was born in Tacoma, Washington, growing up on a truck farm until he was eighteen. Bill then enrolled in the University of Washington but was shortly thereafter sent to a Japanese interment camp in northern California. Bill relocated to Chicago where he was drafted and sent to Camp Blanding, Florida, where replacements for the highly decorated all Japanese-American 442nd Regiment were being trained. Before the unit shipped out, he was chosen to work in military intelligence, sent to Infantry Officer Candidate School, and was commissioned as a US Army infantry officer. Bill was assigned to the Civil Intelligence unit in the Pacific Theatre, eventually ending up with the allied occupational forces after the war. Bill went on to graduate from MIT with a degree in physics, putting his knowledge to use while working with RCA in Lancaster to develop the first color television sets. Bill’s story is unique in many ways, providing the opportunity for an exceptional evening. Come join us!
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