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Press Releases Describing Our Speakers
Neal Bascomb- October 7, 2021
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Hershel “Woody” Williams- September 2, 2021
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Clarence E. “Bud” Anderson- August 5, 2021 (Rescheduled from June 3)
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Dr. George Colburn- July 1, 2021
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Alex Kershaw- May 6, 2021
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Dr. Stephen Fritz- April 1, 2021
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David Dean Barrett- March 4, 2021
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Dr. Craig Symonds- February 4, 2021
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Dr. John C. McManus- January 7, 2021
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Jared Frederick- December 3, 2020
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Thomas Hoke- April, 2020 (POSTPONED- Reschedule TBD)
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George Colburn- March, 2020
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Ken Weiler- February, 2020
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John C. McManus- January 2020
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Clarence Smoyer - December 5, 2019
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Kenneth Happel- November 2019
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Todd DePastino- October 2019
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George Jackson- September 2019
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Clarence Smoyer - December 5, 2019
Charles Brooking- August 2019
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Joe Drake- June 2019
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Steven Sidebotham- May 2019
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Harold Billow- April 2019 and July 2015 Speaker
“Malmedy Massacre”
See press release for Billow dated July 2015

Mae Krier- March 2019 Speaker
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Bob Hench and Bruce Apgar- February 2019 Speakers
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Beverley Driver- January 2019 Speaker
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Henry “Hank” Heim- December 2018 Speaker
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Alan Shapiro- November 2018 Speaker
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Karl Mann- November 2018 Speaker: Postponed due to illness, future date TBD.
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Alan Shapiro- October 2018 Speaker: Rescheduled for November Mtg Due to illness
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Yoneichi “Bill” Uyeda- September 2018 Speaker
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Clem Leone- August 2018 Speaker
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Hermann Pfisterer- July 2018 Speaker
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July WWII Roundtable Speaker Experienced Life Inside the Third Reich
If you were a young boy growing up in 1930s America, there’s a good chance you were a member of the Boy Scouts of America. If you were a youngster living in Germany during the same time period, you would have been encouraged, and later required, to join the Hitler Youth organization. When Hermann Pfisterer became a member at age 9, it wasn’t for political or ideological reasons: “I joined to get leather shoes,” he told audiences at a WWII show. The uniform, including the new shoes, gave Pfisterer a sense of belonging as he learned how to march and shoot a gun.

Pfisterer lived with his family in Essen. Its location in the Ruhr Valley, the heart of German industrial production, made it a frequent target of Allied bombers. 1942 was the last year of Pfisterer’s formal education: his school was destroyed during a bombing raid. He was later evacuated to a farm in southern Germany but returned to Essen at the insistence of his mother. Allied bombing raids forced Hermann and his family into bunkers.

Hermann Pfisterer will share his experiences of living in Nazi Germany and postwar Europe at the monthly meeting of the Central PA WWII Roundtable, Thursday, July5th at 7:00.

Pfisterer came to the United States in 1952. “I wanted to be on the winning side for a change,” he quipped. After working four years for a business that relocated him to Puerto Rico, Hermann was drafted into the U.S. Army. He served as a clerk and interpreter in Germany. Today he proudly wears his U.S. uniform. “I think this is the best country in the world. I’m glad to be here.”

The Central Pennsylvania WWII Roundtable is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for WWII veterans, authors, historians, and citizens to share their knowledge and experiences related to the war. Meetings, held the first Thursday of every month, begin at 7:00 PM at Grace United Methodist Church, 433 E. Main Street, Hummelstown, PA, 17036. Anyone with an interest in WWII is invited to attend the meetings. There are no membership or admission fees.
For more information, please contact Charlie Lloyd at charlie.centralpaww2rt@gmail.com or 717-503-2862, or visit the organization’s website at www.centralpaww2roundtable.org
Bob Brocklehurst- June 2018 Speaker
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Quentin Stambaugh- May 2018 Speaker
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Ben Jenkins- April 2018 Speaker
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Richard “Dick” Donald- March 2018 Speaker
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William Bonelli- February 2018 Speaker
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Charles Libby- January 2018 Speaker
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Richard “Dick” Schimmel & William Bonelli- December 2017 Speakers
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Brian Woodcock & Richard Boyd- November 2017 Speakers
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Bill Fili- October 2017 Speaker
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Mickey Yonkovig- September 2017 Speaker
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Brian Woodcock- August 2017 Speaker
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David Tuck- July 2017 Speaker
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Guy Whidden- June 2017 Speaker
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Art Lentz- May 2017 Speaker
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Kenneth Fidler- April 2017 Speaker
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Don Greenbaum and Ernie Gross- March 2017 Speakers
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Milt Dienes- February 2017 Speaker
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Samuel “Chuck” Kline- January 2017 Speaker
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Guy Whidden- December 2016 Speaker
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Herb Ridyard- November 2016 Speaker
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Ivan Backer- October 2016 Speaker
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Peter Fantacone- September 2016 Speaker
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Salvadore Castro- August 2016 Speaker
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David Wisnia- July 2016 Speaker
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Dr Robert Ehlers- June 2016 Speaker
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Bob Rineer- May 2016 Speaker
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Rev Dr Manfred Bahmann- April 2016 Speaker
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Calvin Summers- March 2016 Speaker
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Mahlon Fink- February 2016 Speaker
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Bob Wilcox - January 2016 Speaker
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Hank Kudzik - December 2015 Speaker
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Art Staymates - November 2015 Speaker
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Bert Winzer - October 2015 Speaker
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Hilda Mantelmacher - September 2015 Speaker
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Harold Billow - July 2015 Speaker
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Matt Gutman - June 2015 Speaker
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Thomas Clarke - May 2015 Speaker
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